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I went to 제주도

This year I did my first trip alone outside my country and I found some great friends that had been with me in this journey, while I was studying my major, also took Korean classes( Korean is really hard), when I had spare time from Korean classes, me and some friends planned a trip to 제주도 which is a tourist attraction from Korea.

Positive post

I had the time of my life in this experience, when interpersonal communication its on point, the situation turns into an enjoyable paradise while it lasts. I think that a situation like this is really important to remark even if it doesn’t have a negative part (well, the need to go back to normal activities is) now after analyzing the memories, I see the importance of interpersonal communication from a different perspective.

Time passes too fast

Reading an article about the topic I found that “when you’re happily engaged in an activity you enjoy; your mind tends to be fully focused on the fun you’re having. You don’t worry as much about time passing, because you’re enjoying the moment while it lasts.” [1] So there is scientific data about the topic, when you enjoy the moment, you don’t have to struggle looking at the clock and it makes life smoother  

Why was it so fun

“learning and using the skills taught in this book will foster an increase in the attitudes of genuineness, nonpossessive love, and empathy.” [2] Its important to remember that communication skills are necessary in every moment and acting correctly can lead to enjoyable life experiences.

Future trips? 

There’s only one thing I would have done differently and its scheduling more activities, we maybe cold have fit more activities in our trip, but since we prepared the trip only with 3 days in advance, not enough preparation was taken into consideration, we just choose the flight because it was a really good deal (21,000KRW round trip). If anyone wants to check what things we did, we followed this blog post [3]


[1] “Why Does Time Fly When You’re Having Fun?” Wonderopolis,

[2]People skills: How to assert yourself, listen to others, and resolve conflicts (1st Touchstone ed). Simon & Schuster.

[3] Crew, Trazy. “Top 10 Things to Do in Jeju Island 2019.” Trazy Blog, 28 May 2020,

Por Alan

International Student. I was born and raised in México. 22 Years old (international age). I love spending time at cafes with friends, learning about interesting toppics and I'm a photographer. My major is "Ingeniería en Tecnología de Procesos"


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